Safe and natural: light can heal

Individual solutions

Tailored to your needs

Natural without side effects

Self-therapy with a good conscience

Proven in studies

Science confirm beneficial effects

A gentle way to get rid of your pain!

You feel any movement with an agonizing pain in your back? And a good night’s sleep seems like a distant memory these days? Simply no way to bear that in the long run?

But who wants to take tons of pills on a regular basis or even waste hours in crowded surgeries?

Fortunately there is another option for you: a gentle, natural therapy at home – whenever you want and as often as you need to.

There is no such thing, you say?

Oh yes, it is! Learn how to get back to a rich life.

How to get healthy the light way

The magic touch of the sun: Each of us enjoys its beneficial rays on the skin – so warm, so vital. Natural light is essential to produce vitamin D – but even more so, it shows a wide range of healing effects. Depending on the specific therapy we have achieved some extraordinary success, i.e. in the treatment of the following afflictions:

  • pains in back and joints
  • carpal tunnel syndrome
  • osteoarthritis
  • tendon injuries
  • allergies
  • skin issues
  • insomnia
  • migraine

What is in it for you?

Identify your needs

We will start each light therapy with a careful evaluation of your needs.

Help yourself at home

Your treatment will be carried out by our therapists in a familiar context: your home.

Scientifically investigated

No mumbo jumbo: light therapy has been applied for medical purposes for decades now - successfully! It's healing effects, though, have been rarely covered in public so far.

LuminaVital has made its mark in this field as one of the first European enterprises. And not least, our reputation is based on the rich experience in the beneficiary actions of light therapy.

Proven by studies and scientific advice

Important advice: light therapy is not a part of orthodox medicine but complementary. If in doubt, please contact a doctor.