Do you know your body stress level?

Our earth has its own magnetic field – just like our body cells. Normally a rather low current flows right through our body, which should not exceed a value of 100 Millivolt. This is a natural current to which we are adapted.

This value, however, can be affected by electromagnetic fields or our life style, too.

In consequence of that you might suffer an increased body voltage. On long term this is stressful on the body and my cause long-term health effects.


Measuring your body stress means measuring your individual body voltage.

There are certain medically defined parameters for body stress which should not be exceeded in order to avoid health issues.

If your body stress value falls within a high range, action has to be taken to prevent chronic pain and health problems.

You see: measuring the body voltage and the individual body stress level is most important!!!


Keep in mind: An increased body voltage can block the endogenous abilities to self-healing.


  • Insomnia
  • Headache and aching limbs
  • Hypertension
  • Climacteric issues
  • Poor concentration
  • Burn-out-syndrome etc.

Frequently asked questions

This is what most people want to know

Why does LuminaVital make this offer?

According to recent stats, a growing number of people suffer back pain and aching limbs, chronic pain, headache, tensions, listlessness and so on. More and more of us have health issues due to stress, hustle and bustle, pressure from work or family matters.

A survey shows that many people also fear radiation, they are nervous and anxious. Concerns about the new G5 net were recently raised among Medicis, scientists and experts.

What profit is in this for LuminaVital?

People will know just by having a concrete treatment if light therapy will do good for them. Most of them will feel a noticeable improvement within the first 30 minutes. It is because of that effect that our products are purchased after such a treatment. Sounds like a win-win to us…

Why do LuminaVital Instituts offer treatments for free?

The LuminaVital institutes cooperate with regional and mobile light therapists and aim to support those partners with that marketing action. The awareness of light therapy treatments is expected to get higher.

Does a treatment lead to any obligations?

No. If the therapy treatment turns out to be good for you, you will have the possibility to purchase our products in the internet.

Where will the treatment be made?

Our center makes an appointment with you. A mobile light therapist comes to your place in order to make the treatment in your familiar surroundings.

Why is the treatment made at my place?

Depending on the kind of treatment the light therapy will take 45 up to 60 minutes per person. You do not have to make further efforts like a journey etc. Thus we enable you to test the effects and advantages of a light therapy treatment without efforts. Moreover the body stress most be measured where the person to be treated usually stays.

Will it cost me any money to have that appointment?

No. The mobile light therapists have a voucher for you, that takes care of everything. No costs for you – neither for the staff’s journey nor for the treatment itself.

What happens with my personal data?

Your data will be processed just to make the appointment with you. After the appointment they will be deleted. 

Got any questions?

We will gladly convince you of our products and the wide range of ways to improve your health and well-being.


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