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Barefoot to work?

Well, that would be healthy indeed. For due to modern life style most of us don’t touch the soil with their feet anymore – literally! They lost contact to our earth.

Why is that so much worrying?

Each second countless small electric currents flow right through our body. You know that for instance nerve cells transfer information via electric pulses. Electric pulses also blast through our earth with its magnetic fields.

In case of direct contact between soil and body those currents equalize according to the laws of physics till they reach a balance. This equalization, however, is not possible if a body is physically insulated, for example by rubber soles.

So if the earthing is missing, be careful for negative consequences of the interior imbalance.

About us

In our vision our customer comes first, not business. Our commitment is mirrored by the growing number of content and grateful customers.
We thus feel encouraged to continue. We are an enterprise with strong values which we practice and convey in our products and service.

Brave defenders


A constant battle rages in our body. Biody cells produce so called free radicals but, at the same time, antidotes, too, to keep those potentially dangerous free radicals in check: antioxidants.

If the free radicals don’t get sufficiently neutralized, in science they refer to this as oxidative stress. In the long term this stress can cause disease like chronic inflammation, fatigue or even cancer (look out for further information here).

This is the reason why it is so important to know about its own body stress level and to have a stress measurement as an integral part of all our treatments!

So what can we do effectively for our health and well-being?

Learn from nature

Just like water, light is the main key to all life. Without our sun, the earth would be an icy chunk of rock in space.

The light therapy takes advantage of this vital force in favour of our health.

We roughly distinguish between three kinds of treatments:

  • the coloured light therapy that uses patented pads with double bioceramic coated light thermal conductors
  • the polarized light therapy and
  • the passive light therapy with the secret of minerals and integral earthing

Depending on your individual conditions the most adequate treatment will be made. But mind, though, that our treatments are not part of the traditional medicine and therefore cannot replace a visit to the doctor.


Learn more about how to get back to to a life of ease and joy and which treatment you should select.

Polarized light therapy

2009 the scientists’ platform “” published another essay dealing with the amazing effects of polarized light therapy under the headline “Therapeutic applications of polarized light: Tissue healing and immunomodulatory effects” (you will find the whole essay here).

Our “Lumina Vitallight Lichttherapie” works with a specially polarized low-energy light. Its spectre (wavelength 480 nm – 3.400 nm) can be compared to the sunlight – without the harmful UV radiation.

During a treatment you will be exposed to artificial light for a short period of time. This kind of treatment has shown amazing success in particular treating skin conditions.

Also effective for the treatment of

  • climacteric complaints
  • burns
  • skin conditions
  • swellings and inflammation
  • joint pain


The “Lumina Vitallight Lichttherapie” stimulates the immune system, can induce a quick and lasting pain relief and improve the structure of damaged tissue.

Examples of use

Joint pain

I must recommend the “Lumina Vital Lichttherapie”for it is absolutely unique. I suffered pain in my shoulders, my back as well as in my waist and femur. I feel much better now after the treatments. The level of pains reduced from 10 to 2 and I feel much more agile.

(Paulina Pircher Plagg, 39024 Mals, Italy)

Climacteric issues

I (56) have had menopausal problems like flushing day and night, sleep disorders and indigestion for months.  But I didn’t want to make the hormone treatment the gyn recommended.

Since I use the therapy pad at night and the regeneration system for half an hour daily, my complaints are just gone.

(Teodora M., 39012 Meran, Italy)

Take advantage of polarized light

Assure yourself and strive for the amazing results in treatment.

Coloured light therapy

The LuminaVital Inframed regeneration system ist the centerpiece of our coloured light therapy treatment.

Due to the precisely adjusted ratio of the length of the thermal conductors to the coat, this system generates therapeutic C-waves within the infrared range.  

These infrared waves quickly warm up the irradiated body parts. Basically, the body increases the blood circulation, if the temperature of body parts exceeds the core temperature of 36,9 degree in order to cool down the affected parts. Thus stimulated, the blood circulation causes an increased induction of oxygen and other substances that are important in healing and likewise ensures an faster elimination of carbon dioxide and metabolites.

Also effective for the treatment of

  • muscle tensions
  • rheumatism
  • osteoarthritis
  • tinnitus
  • and as a regenerative means after physical activity

Examples of use

Joint pain

Since I started applying InfraMed the pain in my joints (knee, elbow, hand and fingers) has been significantly relieved. It stimulates blood flow and improves the general well-being.

(Christine Ziegler, 3730 Kattau, Austria)

Pain in shoulders

I find the regeneration system most relaxing, I usually fell asleep immediately. It is also very beneficial after sportive activity. The pains in my shoulders eased. When my mother got the flu, the limb pains improved.

(Renate Kruselburger, 5500 Bischofshofen, Austria)

Beneficial warmth

Relaxation, movable joints with no pain at all and a deep sense of joy: All this is waiting for you.
Besides, you can benefit from the patented material for earthing which has been integrated into the LuminaVital pads.

Passive light therapy

The passive light therapy is unthinkable without the Lumina Energy therapy pad.

This pad is made of a high-performance fibre with ingredients of numerous light-active minerals. 

The fibre absorbs body heat during sleep and gives it back in form of pure energy. Optimal regeneration is the result.

The following figure shows the dissolution of an inflammation in red colour after a 30 minutes treatment

Examples of use

Sleep disorders, Restless legs syndrome (RLS)

After decades of insomnia and chronic fatigue I got the diagnose “RLS” 6 years ago.

First I found myself heavily medicated.  Even though they enabled me to sleep longer than before, their effects continued during daytime. I was usually sleepy and lethargic till noon. I was apathetic and emotionless which the doctors explained with my medication. When I forgot to medicate I hardly slept.

Now that I use the LuminaVital pad in my bed, I sleep well again. So I felt encouraged , also on my doctor’s advice, to gradually reduce the medication. Now, after 3 months of using LuminaVital and taking no medication, I feel fit and active, having regained some quality of life.

(Paul W., 39012 Meran, Italy)


Clinical studies prove:


  • increase of sleep efficiency by 2,6%
  • 18,3 minutes less periods of waking during sleep
  • 33% less pain at night

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