How to stay “operable”

Some 20 years ago the American technician Clinton Ober discovered the need to earth sensitive electrical devices to prevent malfunctions. He started to apply that principle to the human “operability”.

For our organism is conductive, too, performing constantly bioelectrical processes. Our body cells have their own magnetic field, thus a very small electrical current flows through our body. This current, however, should not exceed a value of 100 millivolt but may be increased substantially by electromagnetic fields, underground water courses etc. Pain, insomnia, hypertension, nervousness, fatigue and other afflictions could be the result.

Parallel to Ober, the internationally renowned American cardiologist Dr. Stephen Sinatra had been researching the benficial effects of earthing giving amazing reports about stunning improvements of blood flow and blood pressure. Dr. Sinatra could reduce medication for most patients when earthing was performed on a regular basis. In most cases, vitality and cardiological performance improved as well. This is why Dr. Sinatra became an ardent supporter of earthing just as well as co-author of Clinton Ober’s book.



This is how earthing works

Earthing restores and maintains the natural electric default of our bodies. Our circadian rhythm gets generally adjusted by negatively charged electrons born in the electric field of the earth. This rhythm in its turn improves our health and performance in daily life. The natural energy, provided by our earth, is a mighty anti-inflammatory agent and anti age treatment. We therefore strongly recommend to get into contact with the earth absorbing these beneficial frequencies – especially while sleeping and regenerating.


A must-have for an active life-style

You know the following situation? You exercise excessively or most intensive or in an unusual way – and muscle soreness is the inevitable result. It may last for 96 hours or even more.

It has been scientifically proven in recent studies with grounded and not grounded participants that earthing has definitely positive effects in that situation: The pain scale among the placebo participants was much higher, on average by 80 per cent each day (see the red curve on the graph). Moreover it was observed that inflammatories would take a milder course for grounded persons (see the green curve on the graph).